Self-Scheduling: Delivering an employee-centric scheduling solution

29 March 7AM PT / 10AM ET / 3PM DST

As the customer support industry continues to adapt to changes in the workforce, new challenges in the realm of employee flexibility and expectations arise. More than ever before, contact centers are faced with the need to steer their focus to creating an environment where employees feel empowered and trusted while also able to manage their work/life balance.  

Self-Scheduling for Calabrio WFM can help you build an environment where employees feel empowered with more autonomy, while saving your organization time and money by fully automating your key intraday and scheduling processes through a customizable rules-based approach. 

Watch our webinar to hear from Calabrio experts Dave Hoekstra and David Bunch on the agent-centric self-scheduling solution and how new functionality can help address your biggest customer support challenges. 

David Bunch,  Product Marketing Manager, Calabrio

David is the product marketing manager for Calabrio WFM.  He has been in the customer service and customer support space for over 8 years in various roles (SaaS, Consulting, Corporate). 

Dave Hoekstra,  Product Marketing, Calabrio

When it comes to Contact Centers, Dave has seen it all. He started his journey in the 90’s as an agent and continued through every role a contact center has to offer, eventually finding his way into his current role of Evangelist. Being Calabrio’s Product Evangelist is by far the favorite of all his roles as it gives him the ability and pleasure of sharing his knowledge and experience with other folks in the industry. And yes, being a father, grandfather, bassist, podcast host and photographer (and Texan), he uses words like “folks”. Combining 20+ years of experience in the industry with the rest of his life experience, Dave has a unique perspective of the tools, technology and challenges faced by today’s modern CX organizations and he looks forward to each and every interaction. 

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