Webinar on demand

Forecasting is everyone's job

Solid demand forecasting and having the correct headcount is the bedrock of any high performing organization. Get it right, and you are ready to win. Get it wrong, you risk your customers, staff, and profit margins. Join Hussein on this discussion around best practices in building a solid forecasting process in your organization, to enable solid performance in all your other metric. In this webinar you will learn more about:  

  • How forecasting drives everything
  • How to create accurate forecasts
  • Forecasting is for everyone...How to get the team on board

Hussein Kamel, Senior Consultant at Calabrio

With more than 20 years’ experience in the contact centre field. For the last seven years, Hussein has been with Calabrio delivering projects in the EMEA region. Before joining, Hussein spent 13 years in the contact centre world, especially BPO. He was a director of operations and support functions. He has many years’ experience managing WFM teams, managing quality assurance, training, BI and Business improvement. Hussein has supported clients and organizations like Microsoft, Cisco, Vodafone, Netgear, TomTom, SiriusXM, among many other organizations, across 13 different languages.  



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