Win-Win WFM

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Every Workforce Management vendor promises a "better" approach to WFM. But who is it "better" for — your agents or your analysts? With two distinct stakeholder groups in the contact center, too often, innovations and improvements focus on one — at the expense of the other.

Watch our webinar and learn the unique capabilities of next-generation WFM tools and how to empower your brand to make win-win improvements - making life easier for both agents and analysts.

Kat Worman, Calabrio's WFM expert helps explain:

  • How to spot gaps in workflows that can be amended to benefit everyone - both agents and analysts
  • When to tackle your biggest scheduling and forecasting pain points and how modern WFM tools can help facilitate the changes
  • Why agent engagement and satisfaction metrics are a major factor in the success of utilizing WFM technology

Evolve your WFM strategy to benefit the masses while still gaining tangible results about your workforce that were previously undiscovered. 


Kat Worman, Workforce Management Expert

Kat Worman has been working in the contact center industry longer than she cares to admit! With more than 20 years of experience, Kat has held numerous contact center positions including management, data analysis, strategic operations, and service level planning. Prior to joining Calabrio, Kat was a Principal Consultant specializing in the implementation of process and applications within the contact center. She has provided consulting services to Fortune 500 companies throughout North America, Europe and Australia. Kat specializes in partnering with key stakeholders and workforce planning teams to deliver unique solutions to contact center challenges.