Analyst Report

Ventana Research Agent Management Value Index

2022 Vendor & Product Assessment

“Agent Management is critical for two reasons. First, agents represent the single largest ongoing cost for contact centers, which have been plagued by high turnover for so long that is generally considered an unsolvable cost of doing business. Second, agents are the direct point of contact with customers, meaning that poor performance directly affects customer satisfaction, loyalty and ultimately revenue. Better trained and equipped agents provide interactions that are faster and more accurate.i
Ventana Research’s “Agent Management Value Index: 2022 Vendor and Product Assessment” evaluates and ranks 18 vendors offering products that address the key elements of agent management. Calabrio is in the top category as an Exemplary vendor and is a Value Index Leader for three areas: Capability, Usability and Manageability 

The index is structured to replicate the RFI/RFP Process by incorporating all criteria needed to evaluate, select, utilize and maintain technology, and maintain relationships with vendors.
What areas are important for your company? Read the report to see how Calabrio stacks up for:

  • Product Experience: 
    • Capability 
    • Usability 
    • Manageability 
    • Adaptability 
    • Reliability 
    • Customer Experience:
  • Customer Experience:
    • Total Cost of Ownership and Return on Investment (TCO/ROI)
    • Vendor Validation


 Ventana Research, Agent Management Value Index: 2022 Vendor and Product Assessment, 17 December, 2021 

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