Workforce Wellbeing Recovery Toolkit

Practical strategies & resources to turn workforce wellbeing into your competitive advantage

There is no doubt that the contact centere has evolved and grown more complex over the last few years, but while “new normal” may have been accelerated in the last two years, it was already on its way. Studies have shown that job satisfaction, workplace stress and mental health were on the decline even before then. This should come as no surprise as we move further into a digital age, resulting in higher customer expectations for seamless, personalised experiences.

As companies begin to accept this “new normal”, more than ever they are seeing the importance of the wellbeing of their staff at all levels – and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Calabrio’s Workforce Wellbeing Recovery Toolkit provides insights and resources to help identify common challenges and provide ideas for improvements that will positively impact employees, as well as customers. There are three personalised kits for:

  1. Agents: Driving Engagements & Retention
  2. Management & Operations Staff: Leading Teams amid Ever-Growing Complexity
  3. CX Leaders: Powering the Next-Gen Customer Experience 

In each kit, you will:

  • Learn about the key stressors impacting that group’s wellbeing
  • Receive a checklist to improve wellbeing via processes
  • Find a Tech Buyer’s Guide for tools to support the wellbeing and success of each stakeholder

Need a path to wellbeing recovery for you or others in your team? Download the full toolkit for free. 

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