Product Demo

Calabrio Quality Management

Watch the demo to learn how to improve performance and quality improvement in your contact centre.

Want to Improve Agent Performance in Your Contact Centre?

Calabrio Quality Management makes it easy to capture the full agent and customer experience in your contact centre—so you can monitor agent performance, evaluate customer interactions, and give agents the guidance they need to improve.

Watch the demo to learn how Calabrio Quality Management makes it easier to:

  • Identify the customer interactions that provide the best insight into performance and streamline evaluation, making the most of each evaluator’s time
  • Search for and share customer interactions that should be reviewed by evaluators, managers and agents
  • Deliver timely feedback to drive employee engagement and self-improvement

Whether your goal is delivering a more consistent user experience, increasing first-call resolution or improving agent efficiency and performance, Calabrio Quality Management gives you the tools you need to reach contact centre goals—and deliver measurable results.

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