Product Demo

Calabrio Advanced Reporting

Watch the demo to find out how to break down data silos in your contact centre.

The Missing Piece for the Multichannel Contact Centre

Have you ever found yourself struggling to stitch together reports from multiple channels and then needing to match those reports with another database  just to pull together a full picture of your customer interactions? It's a common problem made even harder with each new technology organisations adapt. 

Calabrio Advanced Reporting is designed to break down those data silos and end the headaches of patching together vendor-, vertical- or data specific reporting products.

Watch the demo to learn how Calabrio Advanced Reporting can help you:

  • Integrate any data source, any data structure, any vendor—anywhere
  • Automate data collection and analysis with pre-built reports and intuitive ad hoc reporting—no data scientist required
  • Collaborate and share better data to drive better decision-making across the business

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