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Health of the Contact Centre 2021

Agent Wellbeing and the Great Resignation

Rapid, transformative change swept the contact centre over the last two years. Our State of the Contact Centre Reports from 2020 and 2021 chronicled the shifts we’re all familiar with by now: the acceleration of flexible work models and cloud-powered operations, along with the overall surging investment in technologies that enable the agility to respond to whatever comes next.

But, what about the agent’s point of view? With the “Great Resignation” (or “Great Reshuffling,” depending on how you look at it) sweeping across global labour forces, it’s a critical time to take the pulse of contact centre agent’s attitudes toward their work and employers.

Our original research report, Health of the Contact Cente 2021, discusses clear trends that emerged from our outreach to agents, including:

  • The Stress Crisis: Why agent stress levels keep climbing.
  • The Technology Tug-of-War: Which technologies are helping agents — and where tech is still falling short.
  • What Agents Want: What drives long-term satisfaction — and what drives them to leave.
  • What Flexibility Means Now: Why remote and hybrid workers still want more flexibility.

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