Research Report

State of the Contact Centre 2023: Activating the Agent of the Future

Annual report about emerging trends, challenges, and expectations in customer service

Understand the Impact of AI to Chart a Path to Success

Contact centres are at the forefront of remote-based work and Artificial Intelligence—modernisations that are here to stay. But how does the agent of the future fit in, who are they, and how to activate them?

In this report, you’ll discover answers from 400 contact centre managers around the world, from the UK to Australia and New Zealand, to key questions on the impact of AI and remote working, such as:

  • Do 70% of respondents believe there will be more or less agents in 10 years?
  • Where will AI make the most positive impact? And have the biggest implementation struggles?
  • What is the top skill agents of the future need to possess?
  • What is the #1 agent self-service opportunity to drive engagement?

If you’re not keeping your agents engaged and activating the skills they need in an AI-fueled future, you’re already falling behind. Download the report to stay informed and ahead.

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