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The Future of WFM: What’s Required

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Contact centers around the world are striving to keep their employees safe and healthy while meeting the needs of their customers. Flexible and mobile-enabled workforce management (WFM) solutions can help them find the balance.

Workforce management solutions are moving into the new decade with major innovations designed to enhance customer and employee engagement and enterprise productivity. New generation WFM solutions are coming to market built on highly flexible cloud-based technology, platforms and databases along with time-saving user experiences, catapulting these solutions into the future. These innovations include the use of AI to enhance forecasting and scheduling and the introduction of real-time, adaptive intraday management to enhance system benefits. Watch this webinar with Donna Fluss, president of industry analyst firm DMG Consulting LLC to learn:

  1. How AI and cloud-based technology is revolutionizing the contact center WFM market
  2. Why adaptive, real-time intraday management is a must-have for contact centers
  3. The role of self-service and mobility in making your contact center an employer of choice
  4. What today’s WFM users need now and want most for the future


About the Speaker:

Donna Fluss
President, DMG Consulting LLC

Donna Fluss, president of DMG Consulting LLC, is highly regarded by industry, enterprise, contact center and financial leaders as one of the foremost experts on contact center, analytics and the back office. With 30 years of experience helping organizations build world-class contact centers and back office operating environments, and assisting vendors to develop and deliver competitive solutions, Fluss created DMG Consulting to deliver unparalleled and unbiased research, analysis and consulting services. She is a renowned speaker, author and expert source for industry and business publications.