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The Future of Customer Interaction Analytics

Predictive analytics become a reality

How Can New Analytics Tools Help You Leverage the Data Gathered Everyday in Your Contact Center?

As technological evolution has made gathering and centralizing data and metadata faster and easier, analytics tools are shifting their focus beyond answering “What happened?” to answering, “What now?” and “What next?”

The future of data analysis will come from machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and predictive and prescriptive analytics—but what do each of those mean and how do they fit in the contact center?

Cover of The Future of AnalyticsThis guide, The Future of Customer Interaction Analytics, breaks down the buzzwords to give you a simplified, highly visual understanding of the three core technologies that are defining the future of analytics. Download it to learn:

  • Why machine learning has the brilliance of a toddler and gets exponentially smarter over time
  • What artificial intelligence does to distill patterns from massive quantities of raw data
  • How predictive and prescriptive analytics can give you anticipatory insights into call volume and identify and data-driven best practices for optimizing service levels

You'll also learn specific use cases for analytics technology in the contact center.

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