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7 Strategies to Improve the Retail Customer Experience

Find out how leveraging contact centre analytics can help you drive truly customer-centric retail.

Are You Missing a Key Source of Customer Insights?

Retailers have faced an increasingly turbulent and volatile industry for the past 20 years as consumer expectations have changed and the pressure has risen to deliver outstanding customer experiences. But are they doing enough to listen to what their customers really want?

Voice-of-the-customer programmes often consist of surveys, but these fall short as they only ask what the business wants to hear—and not what the customer wants to say. Yet the thousands of conversations happening every day in the contact centre are often overlooked.

Download 7 Strategies to Improve the Customer Experience Ebook to learn how you can use speech and text analytics tools to gain valuable insights—straight from the customer’s mouth.

You'll learn how you can:

  • Drive a competitive advantage through the contact centre
  • Leverage speech and text analytics to help gain an omnichannel view of the customer experience
  • Equip departments across the business with customer insights to hone marketing strategy, adjust product roadmaps, optimise cross-selling and upselling, monitor compliance and more

Find out why contact centre analytics is the key to improving the customer experience.