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Calabrio Quality Management

The Engine of Outstanding CX

Focus Your Attention Where It Matters Most—
Bring the Best Out of Your Agents

Calabrio Quality Management is the beating heart of your customer-centric contact center, giving you the tools to elevate customer and agent experience and drive performance. The AI-powered QM solution enables you to score every interaction with predictive analytics and unravel nuance with advanced speech-to-text and sentiment analytics. Calabrio Quality Management gives you the digital toolset to grab every opportunity to improve quality and performance.

Watch the demo to learn how Calabrio Quality Management empowers you to:

  • GET A FULL PICTURE OF INTERACTION QUALITY: Use AI-powered scoring to evaluate 100% of interactions. Dive into evaluations with speech, sentiment, and desktop analytics all in a single view.
  • AUTOMATE QM PROCESSES: Leverage intelligent automation to drive efficiency across your QM program.
  • PINPOINT TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES: Ensure agents receive best coaching to efficiently drive improvement and fast-track their development.
  • EMPOWER AGENT SELF-IMPROVEMENT: Give agents real-time dashboards, benchmarks, and gamification to track and inspire their own performance.

Get an inside look at Calabrio Quality Management to see how you can create a data-driven quality engine that powers better agent performance and outstanding brand experience.

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