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Calabrio Call Recording

Capture the Full Voice of the Customer

Make Every Interaction Matter—Turn the VoC into ROI.

Calabrio Call Recording is built to tackle the challenges of the modern omnichannel contact center: More channels, more interactions, more data, more demands. Capture the full voice of the customer (VoC)—every call, email, chat, text, and tweet. Securely store that goldmine for customer intelligence in the cloud and quickly find interactions to coach agents, prove adherence, or settle disputes.

Watch the short demo to see how Calabrio Call Recording empowers you to:

  • CAPTURE EVERY INTERACTION, EVERY TIME: Record 100% of customer interactions—automatically, without fail.
  • MAXIMIZE AVAILABILITY—MINIMIZE DOWNTIME: Anticipate issues and minimize downtime with intelligent system monitoring. Be there when your customers need you.
  • FIND INTERACTIONS—QUICKLY AND INTUITIVELY: Sift through automatically tagged and organized call data with simple, sophisticated search tools.
  • SECURE YOUR DATA—PROTECT YOUR BUSINESS: Ensure compliance and mitigate risk with leading-edge data security and adherence monitoring tools.

Take a tour today and see how Calabrio Call Recording gives you a powerfully simple solution for capturing the full VoC—so you can turn that customer intelligence into business value.

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