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Calabrio Call Recording

Call recording that’s reliable, simple and secure.

Record 100% of calls. Find them effortlessly

Many organizations are finding it’s just plain smart to capture all customer calls in order to reduce call content disputes and monitor compliance requirements that can put the organization at risk.

Calabrio Call Recording is an enterprise recording solution that enables you to mitigate risk, protect your financial interests, and uphold customer service by leveraging a recording solution that is flexible, reliable and secure. It can be deployed as part of your contact center software, or as a standalone call recording solution.

Watch the demo to learn how Calabrio Call Recording can help you:

  • Record 100 percent of calls to comply with industry regulations and business rules
  • Save time searching through hundreds of hours of calls
  • Protect customer information and meet compliance requirements

Find out how Calabrio Call Recording makes it possible for you to prove adherence to regulations, clear up transaction disputes and defend the interest of your organization while still upholding excellence in customer service.

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