Calabrio Analytics

Free your customer data

If you’re only analyzing a fraction of your contact center data, you’re missing out on a powerful source of business information.

Calabrio Analytics enables you to capture 100 percent of your customer conversations (regardless of channel), and know what has actually been said and how agents are performing.

Calabrio Analytics is easy to use and leverages best-in-class phonetics and speech-to-text transcription tools to translate every customer interaction into meaningful insight. Uncover sentiment, predictive Net Promoter scores, and predictive agent evaluations for every customer conversation.

Watch the demo to learn how Calabrio Analytics can help you:

  • Identify customer friction points
  • Enhance employee engagement and performance
  • Improve key contact center metrics
  • Understand your true competitive advantages

You’ll also find out how Calabrio Analytics makes it easy to turn your contact center data into reports you can use to get the right information to the right decision-maker at the right time.

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