Calabrio Analytics

Get the Edge by Addressing the Unknown.

Let the Voice of the Customer (and Agents) Guide Better, Faster Decisions.

Calabrio puts embedded analytics tools and AI/ML capabilities in the hands of all your users. Uncover the valuable insights within every interaction.

Calabrio Analytics combines multiple state-of-the-art analytics technologies. Speech and text analytics break down what customers and agents are saying. Sentiment analytics gives insight into what customers are feeling. Side-by-side desktop analytics shows you what agents are doing. This is all so you can tackle your biggest unknowns and find the human signal in mountains of contact center data.

Watch the demo to learn how Calabrio Analytics can help you:

  • DELIVER HYPER-PERSONALIZED CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES: Identify customer pain points immediately, anticipate customer needs, and give agents predictive insights.
  • DRIVE OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE: Uncover and activate insights where they’re most relevant with embedded analytics tools.
  • BOOST AGENT ENGAGEMENT & RETENTION: Combine analytics-powered evaluations with AI-driven benchmarking, gamification, and personalized agent dashboards.
  • POWER CUSTOMER-CENTRIC MARKETING & SALES: Harness the VoC to continuously refine smarter, more effective campaigns and sales.

Take a tour of key features—including predictive evaluations and scoring, Phrase Optimizer, and desktop analytics—to see how Calabrio Analytics helps transform your biggest unknowns into your competitive edge.

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