White Paper

Overcoming Inertia

Moving your contact center to the cloud is easier and more critical than ever

Cloud technologies represent a $500B market that’s experiencing 18% compound annual growth (CAGR).


More than 90% of all enterprises are in the cloud. Yet, for as long as the concept has existed and as large as the industry has become, even some of the most tech-savvy organizations still struggle with moving their workloads to the cloud and leveraging its seemingly limitless power.
For contact centers, making the transition to the cloud can be streamlined with the right approach. The key is to think less about the “where” of cloud — and more about the “how.”
Download this white paper for a guide on overcoming cloud barriers, including:

  • What “public, private and hybrid” cloud mean
  • The increasing importance of edge computing
  • Keys to making the move to cloud easier
  • Possibilities for cloud-based analytics

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