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How to Make the Case for Advanced Contact Center Reporting

Ventana Research reports that less than one third of contact centers can produce a scorecard with all the key metrics needed to show how their contact center is performing.

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If you're struggling everyday with outdated, underpowered and overly complicated reporting and analysis products, this statistic is probably not a surprise

Yet it can be hard to convince executives concerned with the bottom line to invest in a next level reporting solution.

If you're interested in making a business case for why your contact center should invest in a new software solution, download Taking Contact Center Reporting to the Next Level to learn:

  • How to quantify the impact of an investment in a reporting and analytics solution in language that speaks to executive 
  • When to focus on operational costs, capital costs and potential savings, and when to talk about how new software will help drive revenue, increase market share and improve brand awareness 
  • Why calculating ROI in three different ways turns your software request from a simple plea to a real business case  

Download Taking Contact Center Reporting to the Next Level now to get seven tips to help you create a simple and compelling business case for adopting a contact-center-wide strategy.