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Taking Contact Center Reporting to the Next Level

6 Tips for Building a Business Case

Does your contact center reporting involve multiple spreadsheets and data silos?

As agents interact with customers over more and more communication channels, it’s become a challenge to pull together reporting from so many disparate data streams. In fact, less than one-third of businesses report that they can produce an accurate scorecard with the key metrics needed to show contact center performance.* Despite this clear need for better contact center reporting, it can be hard to convince top executives to invest in an advanced reporting tool. Want to change this in your organization?

Download 6 Tips for Building a Business Case for Better Contact Center Reporting to learn how to:

  • Quantify the impact of an investment in a reporting and analytics solution
  • Focus on operational costs, capital costs and potential savings when making your case
  • Explain why new software will help drive revenue, increase market share and improve brand awareness

You'll also learn how to calculate the ROI in three different ways to turn your software request from a simple plea to a real business case.

*Ventana Research

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