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Managing Change in the New Reality

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Is Your Contact Center Able to Adapt Quickly?

Change management has suddenly become a major priority. Is it baked into your contact center strategy?

You've likely faced the following questions:

  • Should you continue with the WFH model once the pandemic subsides?
  • Will you require employees to wear masks when they return to the office?
  • How do you handle changes in how customers communicate with your team?

Watch the discussion on change initiatives during and after the pandemic. In this webinar, we cover top-of-mind issues, including:

  • Should contact centers continue a WFH model, or return to normal? Is there a middle ground?
  • What change policies are needed to prepare for the next crisis?
  • How can managers develop new procedures to handle long-term WFH needs—not just operational, but health-wise?


Dave Hoekstra
WFM EvangelistDave Hoekstra, WFM Expert at Calabrio

Dave has spent his entire professional career in customer service, but it wasn’t until he found WFM that he found his true passion. With over 20 years in WFM, Dave has gained insight into the real world challenges of working in today’s customer service. He is one of the few people who truly gets excited when someone wants to talk about Real Time Adherence or Net Staffing reports.


Laura Lukic
WFM ConsultantDave Hoekstra, WFM Expert at Calabrio

With seven years of experience as a Calabrio Customer, Laura understands from a user’s perspective, todays challenges when utilizing a WFM tool.  Providing years of contact center, consulting & training experience, her primary objective is to help business users develop a comfort level to operate WFM effectively and efficiently.


Brad SnedekerMax Mononen
Director of Innovation

Brad Snedeker is the Director of Innovation at Calabrio. With over 20 years in the industry, Brad has extensive knowledge of the contact center space. As Calabrio’s head of Customer Advocacy, he works directly with users to teach and develop new and innovative techniques to implement customer engagement and WFO best practices.