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Interaction Analytics: An Enterprise Vision and Practical Applications

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The coronavirus pandemic has had a profound impact on the customer experience (CX). As economies revive and a new business paradigm is established, delivering an outstanding CX cost effectively will again be a core and necessary building block for organizations that want to succeed and differentiate themselves.

This is where interaction analytics (IA) comes in. The most reliable customer information comes directly from the source. IA solutions capture, structure, store and analyze customer inputs from voice and digital interactions. An enterprise IA solution can capture spoken and written conversations that occur in all channels to infuse every department's strategies and processes with voice of the customer (and employee) intelligence.

Download this white paper, written by industry analyst firm DMG Consulting LLC, and learn about:

  • How interaction analytics works
  • Making IA an Enterprise business intelligence solution
  • DMG’s model of enterprise applications of IA
  • How to put IA to work for your company