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Why an Integrated WFO Solution is a Best Practice

One interface drives oodles of efficiency

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When it comes to contact center Workforce Optimization (WFO) technologies, there is no shortage of options. From integrated solutions to point solutions, organizations are purchasing these technologies in many ways. So how do you drive the most value to your organization with the myriad of options at your disposal? According to Gartner, an integrated solution is the way to go.

Hear from Gartner how an integrated Workforce Optimization suite drives more value in organizations by allowing call recording, quality management (QM), workforce management (WFM), analytics, and reporting to work in one cohesive solution for better workflows.

This report will outline:

  • Why an integrated WFO solution drives a higher level of value to organizations
  • Top 10 examples of ways an integrated WFO solution drives added value
  • Case studies from organizations implementing an integrated WFO solution and the value they received

Report from Gartner: The Top 10 Cross-Function Workforce Optimization Processes, Q4, February 2016