The Inner Circle Guide to Cloud-Based Contact Center Solutions, 5th Edition

Detailed Answers to Common Cloud Questions from Leading Solution Providers

Modern contact centers are increasingly moving to cloud-based solutions, with more than 75% making full or partial transitions already. Among these contact centers, cloud-based solutions have proved to be technically flexible, scalable and financially beneficial. 

Yet some contact centers continue to use on-prem solutions, despite growing competitive pressures and the cloud’s business continuity advantages. Why? Their leaders may be unable to find trusted answers to their questions or resources that address lingering concerns about data migration. 

In this report, leading solution providers answer common end-user questions about the cloud. With topics ranging from security and integration to functionality and risk, you’ll learn:

•    How to determine a solution’s security and compliance
•    What you can do to prepare for cloud customization and implementation
•    How to prove the cloud’s real, long-term ROI
•    What successful cloud implementations have in common and how you can avoid familiar pitfalls

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