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Infusing Digital CX with Human Intelligence

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During high stress it can be easy to turn to bots and AI as the miracle cure for stretched customer care. However, even with all the great technology entering the customer service and CX world, we can’t replace people. That’s the key - a blend of technology and humanity. 

Calabrio and CX expert Shep Hyken unwrap the perfect gift of AI-fueled humanity in customer experiences, both at high stakes times and for ongoing customer loyalty. Often AI and the human touch are seen in isolation from each other, or almost enemies. Explore how we can solve the complex CX equation by nurturing memorable, emotion-driven human interactions and enriching them with the fact-based, fast-processing rationale of AI, bots and analytics. 
Key talking points in the webinar: 
- The difference between a satisfied customer and a loyal customer 
- Strategies and concepts for human-to-human Moments of Magic® 
- Growing role of AI, bots & BI in customer service today 
- When the bots should be turned off & humanity ramped up 
- Where does the future lie with Artificial Humanity? 

About the Speakers

Dave Hoekstra
WFM Evangelist

Dave has spent his entire professional career in customer service, but it wasn’t until he found WFM that he found his true passion. With over 20 years in WFM, Dave has gained insight into the real world challenges of working in today’s customer service. He is one of the few people who truly gets excited when someone wants to talk about Real Time Adherence or Net Staffing reports.


Shep Hyken
Chief Amazement Officer

Shep is the CAO (Chief Amazement Officer) of Shepard Presentations. As a customer service and experience expert and keynote speaker, Shep works with companies who want to build loyal relationships with their customers and employees. His focus is on delivering amazing customer service, customer engagement, managing the customer experience and creating customer loyalty. He is a hall of fame speaker (National Speakers Association) and a New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling author.


Brad Snedeker
Director of Customer Advocacy

With over 20 years in the industry, Brad has extensive knowledge of the contact center space with a focus on Workforce Optimization and Engagement. As Calabrio’s Director of Customer Advocacy, he ensures that customers have access to the latest trends and techniques available for Calabrio products. He works directly with users to develop new and innovative techniques to implement Workforce Optimization by driving best practices and education.