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Enhancing Customer and Employee Experiences Through Human-Centered Design


There are a number of ways to improve customer and employee experiences that also make a business more prosperous, and the lion’s share of investment tends to go on new technologies — especially those that promise transformative results.

In reality though, when it comes to CX and EX, digital ‘transformation’ initiatives seldom deliver the results we hope for. Why? Because in focusing so much on the technology, we lose sight of the vital human element — how those technologies impact the lives of our customers and employees alike. And with record complaints now citing a ‘lack of humanity’ in modern customer service, there is an urgent need to re-frame technology as a means towards human ends.

Watch the webinar on demand with international CX thought leader and global keynote speaker Clare Muscutt as she shares her human-centered-design philosophy. A practical approach you can use to consider the broader impact of technology decisions that will help you deliver greater value for customers, employees, AND the business.

Clare Muscutt
Founder and Director, CMXperience

Clare Muscutt is a Customer Experience Entrepreneur and well-rounded strategic problem solver, who decided to make the leap from client side, into the freelance and consultancy world.
Having held a number of senior CX leadership roles in Marketing and Retail, across a number of sectors, working with some of the UK's best known brands, Clare has finely tuned her expertise to be able to design and deliver industry leading customer experiences and services, yielding innovative concepts that deliver the desired results for her clients at pace.

Dave Hoekstra
Product Evangelist, Calabrio Inc.

When it comes to Contact Centers, Dave has seen it all. He started his journey in the 90’s as an agent and continued through every role a contact center has to offer, eventually finding his way into his current role of Evangelist. Being Calabrio’s Product Evangelist is by far the favorite of all his roles as it gives him the ability and pleasure of sharing his knowledge and experience with other folks in the industry. And yes, being a father, grandfather, bassist, podcast host and photographer (and Texan), he uses words like “folks”. Combining 20+ years of experience in the industry with the rest of his life .