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How to Rock Your ROXI

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Research shows it costs up to 25 times more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one. Add the fact that poor customer service costs U.S. companies $41 billion every year and you begin to understand why “customer experience” (CX) is a primary focus across our industry.

Join customer experience influencer, James Dodkins, to discuss:

  • What is Return on Experience Investment (ROXI)?
  • Why is ROXI important?
  • The 4 elements of ROXI
  • How to calculate ROXI
  • How to present ROXI
  • Maintaining accuracy in reporting


About the Speaker:

James Dodkins
CX Expert

James used to be an actual, real life, legitimate, award-winning rockstar. He played guitar in a heavy metal band, released albums and tore up stages all over the world, James uses this unique experience to energize, empower and inspire his clients and their teams as a ‘Customer Experience Rockstar’.

Not only is he an international keynote speaker, #1 Best Selling author and host of Amazon Prime’s ‘This Week In CX’, James is also the UK’s #1 Customer Experience Influencer.