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How to Elevate CX with Analytics: A 2020 Guide to Quality Management

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As companies navigate the pandemic world, they seek a delicate balance between revenue generation, cost savings and improved productivity—while supporting a flexible workforce and delivering outstanding CX in an omnichannel world.  

Quality management (QM) is essential for achieving these goals, yet QM practices and tools must modernize to remain relevant. Advanced analytics and automation are paths toward such modernization. 

Watch Donna Fluss, president of industry analyst firm DMG Consulting LLC, and Calabrio QM & Analytics Consultant, Robin Butterfield, share a guide to analytics-enabled quality management (AQM) and what QM success looks like today. You’ll learn: 

  • How AQM can help companies elevate the CX and overall customer journey 
  • How AQM works and its benefits for customers, agents, the contact center and the enterprise 
  • The QM do’s and don’ts when managing a remote or hybrid workforce and omnichannel demands 


Donna Fluss
President, DMG Consulting LLC

Donna Fluss, president of DMG Consulting LLC, is highly regarded by industry, enterprise, contact center and financial leaders as one of the foremost experts on contact center, analytics and the back office. With 30 years of experience helping organizations build world-class contact centers and back office operating environments, and assisting vendors to develop and deliver competitive solutions, Fluss created DMG Consulting to deliver unparalleled and unbiased research, analysis and consulting services. She is a renowned speaker, author and expert source for industry and business publications.


Robin Butterfield
Analytics Consultant

Robin has 3 decades working with technology companies providing enterprise solutions including data networking, telephony OEMs and enterprise software solutions bringing ERP, CRM, and WFO to market.  After 20 years in product management and marketing, Robin has found her greatest passion in Application and Business Consulting.  For the last 8 years she has focused on Quality Management and Analytics and has provided consulting services to Fortune 500 companies who’s contact centers range from dozens of agents to thousands of agents.  She has partnered with key stakeholders and contact center management to provide effective solutions to address business pain points and ensure optimum use of their enterprise solutions.