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Scheduling School: How Scheduling Fits into Contact Centers' Business Strategies

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This recorded webinar-class moves away from the actual scheduling process to what scheduling means for the contact center and the company’s bigger picture. What impact can scheduling have, whether static or dynamic, on the overall productivity and performance of the contact center?

Dave Hoekstra, WFM Evangelist at Calabrio, explores what scheduling questions management should be asking to make sure the workforce is being utilized properly. What things should management pay attention to? What are the key scheduling signs of a good WFM, or a bad one? How can management ensure the contact center is being run properly and has top talent in place?

Overall, management needs to understand the effect of buying decisions, and how WFM scheduling fits in with the company’s customer experience and digital strategies. This class examines all these factors.

The Welcome to Scheduling School series is designed to cover all aspects of the scheduling process, both in moving from simple to advanced scheduling processes to understanding the impact of scheduling on business needs and actions, and the questions that management needs to be asking. You are welcome to any and all of the webinar-classes that you feel are relevant to you.

About the Speakers

Dave Hoekstra
WFM Evangelist

Dave has spent his entire professional career in customer service, but it wasn’t until he found WFM that he found his true passion. With over 20 years in WFM, Dave has gained insight into the real world challenges of working in today’s customer service. He is one of the few people who truly gets excited when someone wants to talk about Real Time Adherence or Net Staffing reports.