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How Generation Z Employees Will Save the World

Every generation brings to the workplace a set of overarching characteristics that are shaped by the events and cultural norms of its day. What has worked for employees of past time may not meet the same needs for the current workforce of today – of which Generation Z makes up nearly 25%.

And while they are the first generation of mobile natives, Gen Z grew up in a recession, and are now new members of the workforce as the world struggles with a pandemic and widespread social unrest. In this presentation, Ed Creasey, Director of Presales for Calabrio International, explores demographic trends and how contact centers can use software to provide an environment in which Generation Z will thrive.

Watch this session as Ed Creasey, Director of Pre-Sales at Calabrio, explores:

  1. Millennials: How we got it wrong
  2. Generation Z: What we must get right
  3. Adapting to Gen Z: What we can do NOW

Ed Creasey, Director of Pre-Sales

Ed Creasey is Calabrio’s Director of Pre-Sales for the International market. He brings 28 years’ experience in the Contact Centre and Customer Experience industry. Ed has worked in pre-sales, consulting and operations across a wide range of organisations and market sectors, throughout the world. He has been delivering thought leadership and leading pre-sales and consulting teams for Analytics, Employee Engagement, CX and Robotics. He has a passion for engaging audiences, helping customers solve their business problems and delivering happy, reference-able clients who receive a rapid return on their investment.

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