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Calabrio ONE

Agility for the Modern Healthcare Patient Access Center

A new era requires a new approach to the patient access center.

Studies show there is a direct link between positive patient experiences, increased hospital volumes, and total revenues. That’s why the need for a scalable, robust WFO platform has never been greater for the healthcare industry. Creating a better patient experience starts with a personalized, omnichannel connection that provides instant access to care support.

Learn more how Calabrio ONE helps enrich agent and customer interactions through powerful analytics, enhanced machine learning sentiments, and key performance dashboards. As the only WFO provider to combine workforce management with speech, desktop, and text analytics in a single, unified suite, Calabrio ONE is built so that you can easily get the insight needed to operate and improve your patient access center.

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  • Forecast future results more effectively and embrace intelligent automation
  • Unlock insights with integrated intelligence, and enhance your reporting and data collection
  • Empower, educate, and lead a modern workforce

Are you ready to see how Calabrio ONE can dramatically improve your customer experience while driving service metrics? Discover ways to help transform your patient access center with the intuitive new software from Calabrio.

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