Product Demo

Calabrio ONE

Agility for the Modern Contact Center

A new era requires a new approach to the contact center.

The world has changed. Everyone is adapting to a new normal, and that means contact centers must deal with increased demands for flexibility and agility. From the C-Suite, to the workforce management specialist, to the contact center director — each member of the service team needs support to navigate this new era.

For executives, the world dramatically changed in terms of both customer behavior and internal operations. Contact center directors want to know if they’re doing enough from a people, tools, processes perspective to respond to the current environment. For the workforce management specialist, it’s a challenge to account for a workforce that isn’t all in one place.

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  • How you can empower, educate and lead a modern workforce

You’ll also learn the five steps that your organization can take to transform your contact center into a key source of customer insights and a driver of business change.

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