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Get Smart About Contact Center Reporting

Your contact center is a key source of business intelligence—are you getting the full value out of your data?

As the customer experience becomes a critical driver of competitive advantage and business value, the contact center is becoming the central source of customer intelligence.

Yet, when you combine all the ways customers communicate with all the multiple systems in the contact center, including automatic call distribution (ACD), workforce management (WFM), customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP), using spreadsheets to extract business intelligence quickly becomes very complicated.

If you’d like to learn why it’s time to move beyond a spreadsheet, download Get Smart About Contact Center Reporting to learn:

  • Which major changes in the contact center world are driving the switch away from manual reporting with spreadsheets to Business Intelligence solutions
  • How business intelligence solutions automatically integrates disparate data streams and raw data to make it simple and efficient to develop highly customizable reports that reveal key performance indicators.
  • What three main challenges a Business Intelligence solution can solve for your contact center reporting

You’ll also learn the two simple steps you need to effectively deploy a business intelligence solution in your contact center.

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