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Future of Work Trends: Work is Distributed

A Gartner Insight Reprint

Terms like “hybrid work” and “flexible work” have become commonplace—but what about distributed work? What does distributed work mean and why is it important? According to Gartner, “Distributed work implies significant degrees of flexibility in how work is organized — who is involved in what work activities; and when, where and how it is getting done. Executive leaders need to put guardrails, practices, tools and data in place to optimize distributed work patterns.”

Thanks to altered work expectations because of the pandemic and the current labor shortage, distributed work will be more relevant than ever before.

Does distributed work sound like something you or your organization could benefit from? Read Future of Work Trends: Work Is Distributed, a Gartner report published in late 2021 and shared by Calabrio. This report offers valuable insight into this new workplace trend -- and what you can do about it. 

You'll learn:

  1. How work is becoming more distributed - Where, When, and How
  2. Implications of this distributed workforce
  3. Actions you can take in response

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