Use Rogue Thinking to Drive Digital Transformation

It’s time to embrace your inner “rogue.”

What does it mean to be a rogue thinker? According to Gartner, executive rogues "are willing to challenge existing rules and hierarchy in order to capture business value, imprisoned by older, archaic rules. They also exhibit courage, often fearless in the face of criticism."

You thrive on no-limits thinking, courageous risk-taking and fighting against the status quo. You truly embrace digital transformation, seek out opportunities to make new connections and drive meaningful change.

In an increasingly connected world, rogue leadership skills are becoming more common – and necessary.

Does this sound like you? Or, perhaps more importantly, does this sound like someone you want to become?
Use Rogue Thinking to Drive Transformation, a Gartner report published in 2021 and shared by Calabrio, offers you the keys to pursue more roguelike behavior. You’ll learn: 

  • Four things that successful rogue thinkers do:
    These tips are crucial for idea generation.
  • A common set of rogue thinking skills:
    According to Gartner, “Honing rogue skills helps executives recognize opportunities and thus innovate to take advantage of them.”
  • How to increase your influence and support levels:
    Rogue leaders broaden their perspectives.
  • How to recognize and overcome knowledge gaps:
    Rogue leaders admit that they don’t know everything and commit to filling the gaps.

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Gartner, Use Rogue Thinking to Drive Digital Transformation, Penny Gillespie, 30 March 2021
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