Webinar | May 8, 2024 | 13:00 BST

Evolving your WFM strategy

Given that agents drive 75% of the contact centre costs [1], having efficient workforce management strategies is of paramount importance for boosting productivity. With disruptive forces like cloud technology, flexible work arrangements, analytics, and omnichannel support converging, modern WFM strategies are rapidly evolving to meet the changing demands.

Long gone are the days of agonising over complex spreadsheets or using outdated systems, it's time to start building a more efficient and engaged workforce with a modern workforce management solution.

Join Calabrio's Dave Hoekstra for an interactive webinar exploring the evolving WFM landscape. Dave will outline how you can leverage cutting-edge tools like advanced analytics, AI, and automation to accurately anticipate demand, optimise agent scheduling, and improve resource allocation, all while aligning with your business objectives.


  • Evolving from dated WFM practices to the next level
  • Navigating omnichannel workforce management
  • Strategies for effectively managing remote teams
  • Unleashing the power of AI
  • Q&A


[1] The Inner Circle Guide to Omnichannel Workforce Optimisation (calabrio.com)

Dave Hoekstra

Product Evangelist, Calabrio

Dave Hoekstra has spent his entire professional career in customer service, but it wasn’t until he found WFM that he found his true passion. With over 20 years in WFM, Dave has gained insight into the real world challenges of working in today’s customer service. He is one of the few people who truly gets excited when someone wants to talk about Real Time Adherence or Net Staffing reports.

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