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5 WEM Strategies to Enhance Agent Engagement

Learn how leading contact centers boost agent engagement, improve retention and enhance skill development to engineer better customer experiences.

5 Strategies to Increase Agent Engagement and Retention

Managing agent satisfaction and turnover is always a major priority (and pain point) in the contact center. Just one in three agents are satisfied with their jobs, and turnover rates typically hover between 30 and 45 percent. These figures are a key reason why many contact centers struggle to maintain—much less improve—customer satisfaction scores.

Plus, it's extremely costly to hire and train a new agent. That's why disengaged agents in your contact center are not just hurting customer experience metrics, they're hurting your bottom line.

Cover of Enhancing Agent Engagement EbookIf you're looking to increase retention, read Enhancing Agent Engagement: 5 WEM Strategies to Drive Better Customer Experience from the Inside Out.

You'll learn practical strategies for how you can improve the agent experience by:

  • Giving agents greater control over their work arrangements
  • Investing in seamless agent workflows
  • Empowering agents with self-improvement tools

You'll also learn what tools you can use to improve your leadership in the contact center and how to get agents more engaged by helping them understand the impact of the contact center’s day-to-day activities on the overall performance of your organization.