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2019 CCW Special Report: Customer Sentiment

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Are your repeat customers truly loyal? What pain points are really hurting your customer experience? Are your agents capable of making connections? Is your brand capable of attracting new customers?

Customer sentiment will help you answer these questions.

Instead of simply focusing on how customers are interacting, sentiment uncovers how they actually feel about the experience. It lets you know what it takes to optimize every moment of truth — and building lasting, lucrative connections with existing and prospective customers. It helps you restore humanity to the customer contact function.

By revealing how to capture and leverage customer sentiment, this Special Report is your ticket to an unprecedented understanding of your CX. 

Topics include:
   • Three key forms of customer sentiment — and why they matter
   • Five steps to capturing customer sentiment
   • The impact of technology on building customer connections
   • Four ways to use sentiment to elevate customer and agent experiences