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10 Pitfalls in Defining KPIs for the Contact Center

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How Do You Measure What Matters Most?

Within the contact center, good KPIs help managers make decisions about hiring, training, scheduling and compensation—and help align contact center decision-making with the organization’s business goals.

Many contact center systems already pump out a steady stream of standard metrics that aim to help contact center leaders make sense of all the data. Yet as the list of applications used in the contact center grows longer and more sophisticated, the data torrent grows exponentially larger and more complex every year.

If you’d like to how to set performance metrics in your organization, download 10 Pitfalls to Avoid in Defining Contact Center KPIs. You’ll learn how to:

  • Set KPIs that reflect the unique goals of your organization and the targets everyone is working to achieve
  • Reduce confusion by setting metrics and KPIs that work together to improve overall performance
  • Choose the right tools and technology to effectively track performance in your contact center

You’ll also learn how to set KPIs that can provide hard evidence to senior executives about the value of the contact center and help drive support for ongoing investment in contact center performance management.