Market Study

State of Contact Center Technology

Sponsored by Calabrio

Can it mitigate the impact of change? Can it drive unlock new efficiencies? Can it generate
unprecedented value?

Always relevant when evaluating contact center technology, these three questions took center
stage amid the events of 2020. The best technology would have helped companies smoothly
transition to remote work and digital-first communication. It also would have helped companies
elevate their experiences — and reduce agent and customer effort — even in the face of such

Not all companies reaped these rewards. Their ineffective technology exacerbated the
difficulty of adapting to the new contact center normal. It added friction to customer and agent
experiences, while ultimately thwarting companies’ ability to achieve business continuity.

With customer and agent standards set to rise in 2021, technology that proved underwhelming
last year will prove immensely debilitating moving forward.

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