Webinar on-demand

Building a Cloud-First Approach to the Modern Contact Centre Experience

Moving to the cloud is no longer optional.

Your customers simply expect the responsiveness and agility you only get from working with a cloud-based contact center platform.

Moving to a cloud contact center can also prove valuable with virtually limitless resources; fast, cost-effective scalability to accommodate seasonal changes and sustained growth; and access to new or more robust technology. 

From elevating customer experience to enhancing employee engagement through the power of analytics, watch the webinar on-demand and watch as we demystify cloud technology, show you a path forward, and talk tangible benefits of moving to the cloud.
In this webinar on-demand, you will learn:

  • What and where is the cloud? 
  • Why cloud drives innovation 
  • How will cloud enable improved Customer Experiences and Employee Engagement in the future?

Magnus Geverts, VP, Product Marketing and Management

Magnus Geverts is VP, Product Marketing and Management at Calabrio, having formerly been Chief Business Development Officer at Teleopti ahead of the Calabrio acquisition. He has more than two decades of experience in the Workforce Management and customer service space, working in a mix of roles and departments across the world, from RnD to consultancy through to business development. Magnus truly understands what goes into building an agile, innovative software company: strategies and partnerships for business success, product roadmap and development, and the supportive service that customers deserve.

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