Product Demo

Calabrio ONE

Learn how Calabrio ONE’s integration with Amazon Connect adds business intelligence tools to your cloud-based contact center.

If you're looking to build an advanced, omnichannel contact center in the cloud, it's hard to beat the combination of Calabrio ONE and Amazon Connect. 

The joint Calabrio and Amazon contact center suite software solution—including call recording, quality management, workforce management, multichannel analytics and advanced reporting—provides you with a complete toolset to schedule agents more efficiently, monitor performance and quickly identify opportunities to put the customer first. 

Plus, Calabrio ONE's embedded analytics tools make it easy for you to gather and act on AI-fueled insights about customer experience and agent performance. 

Watch the demo to learn about how adding Calabrio ONE to your Amazon Connect contact center can help you:

  • Manage your agents quicker and easier with Calabrio ONE's intuitive and personalizable workforce optimization suite
  • Use AI-drive analytics to uncover customer behavior and sentiment so you can deliver outstanding omnichannel customer experiences and put the customer first
  • Leverage enterprise-level key performance indicators (KPIs) to better manage agent performance, ensure compliance and identify agents who need training.

Find out how easy it is to manage your Amazon Connect contact center with Calabrio's embedded voice of the customer and performance analytics and a modern, easy-to-use workforce optimization suite.