3 Award-Winning Workforce Optimization (WFO) Analytics Success Stories

How three top brands improve customer experience by gathering key CX insights from complex contact center data.

2020 changed everything for contacts centers. Agents moved home and faced unexpected peaks and dips in call volumes and felt more emotionally charged customer interactions, while managers tackled scheduling with unpredictable agent availability. The winners of the 2020 Calabrio Analytics competition powered through it all by harnessing the cloud and leveraging insights to enable their remote workforce. 

In this Ebook, we share how our 2020 competition winners Thomson Reuters, Idaho Central Credit Union and Bluegrass Cellular used Calabrio Analytics to see below the surface of their customer interactions and gain traction for a customer-focused transformation without losing sight of operational costs. Discover how these companies were able to improve their NPS scores, reduce hold times and decrease call escalations.


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