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Health of the Contact Center

Agent Wellbeing and the Great Resignation

1 in 3 agents is considering leaving your contact center. Do you know what it takes to keep them? 

Over the past two years, the contact center has gone through rapid, transformative change— with the shift to flexible work and cloud-powered operations. But how is all that change affecting agents? 

To find out, Calabrio asked agents about changes in their attitudes towards their work and employers.  Our research report, Health of the Contact Center: Agent Wellbeing and the Great Resignation, reveals clear trends about how agents are doing and what makes them want to join the Great Resignation. Health of the Contact Center: Agent Wellbeing and the Great Resignation

Read it to learn:

  • What is contributing to the rise in agent stress levels
  • Which technologies truly help agents — and where tech still falls short
  • What drives long-term satisfaction and agent retention

Download the report now learn to what agents are saying about the health of their contact centers and find out how you can use that data to increase retention in your organization.

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