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2020 CCW Report: The State of Contact Center Technology

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As you begin 2020, you surely have customer experience challenges you want to address. You also surely have opportunities you want to seize.

Is your contact center technology helping or hurting in your quest?

The answer should be the former, but based on new CCW Digital research, many are suffering from the latter fate. Contact center technology is not delivering on its promise and may in fact be creating additional effort and frustration for agents and customers.

This new Market Study uncovers this research. More importantly, it reveals how to rethink the technology landscape to achieve unprecedented customer contact value. With helpful stats, analyst recommendations and real-world case studies, it’s your ticket to making technology an asset rather than a liability.

Topics include:

  • What are the biggest contact center objectives, and what role is technology playing?
  • What are the biggest mistakes when it comes to contact center technology?
  • Are internal power struggles hurting contact center technology?
  • Is automation living up to the hype? Is journey mapping transforming CX?
  • What are the most important factors when investing in new tools?