CCMA Good Practice Guide: Coaching

Using analytics to support hybrid workforce coaching

With more and more advisors working from home, it’s vital that contact centre managers adapt their coaching processes to support new flexible working models. This is particularly the case with many organisations planning to maintain a hybrid staffing approach – featuring a mix of contact centre and home-based advisors - going forward.

Contact centres have already shown they are able to work more flexibly while working remotely, with evidence of higher productivity, improved service flexibility and greater employee satisfaction. But it’s also important that home-based advisors can access the same levels of coaching support that are available to their contact centre-based colleagues. 

In this Good Practice Guide, we will look at the steps contact centre managers should be taking to ensure their advisors can be coached to the same high standards regardless of location. We’ll also highlight some of the ways that organisations are now working to capture coaching insights across a range of channels, including virtual meetings with remote advisors. 

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