AI for Workforce Engagement: The Rules of the Game Have Changed

June 6th, 2024 11:00am EST/10:00am CST

In today's dynamic workplace environment, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping how organizations utilize their workforce and enhance customer experience. The rapid advancement of AI sparks excitement and concern: What does AI mean for our future? How can AI benefit contact centers? Despite AI's growing adoption in contact centers, the results are not always met with enthusiasm or positive customer experiences.

This webinar explores the transformative impact of AI on the contact center workforce strategies. We will delve into how traditional concepts evolve with intelligent tech.

You'll leave this webinar with:

  • Understanding how AI is revolutionizing employee engagement and interaction

  • Addressing common challenges when incorporating AI in contact centers

  • Balancing automation with human touch for enhanced employee and customer satisfaction

  • Leveraging AI to streamline processes, reduce response times, and boost productivity

Don't miss this opportunity to navigate AI adoption challenges and unlock the full potential of workforce engagement in the AI era.

Ed Creasey, Vice President Global Presales

Ed Creasey is Calabrio’s Global Director of Pre-Sales Consulting and Engineering.  He loves engaging and provoking audiences by understanding the challenges facing business and wider society and using that insight to deliver great agent and customer experiences. 

He leads a diverse team of experts, solving customer problems from the West Coast of the USA to Melbourne.  He brings deep experience, from the front line to C level, in the Contact Centre and Customer Experience (CX) industry.  Ed has delivered thought leadership and led Pre-Sales and Consulting teams across the CX domain: AI & Analytics, Workforce Optimisation, Employee Engagement, Cloud Contact Centres and Robotics.  He’s sold and delivered CX solutions to a wide range of organisations and market sectors, throughout the world.  Ed has a passion for leading teams, engaging audiences, helping customers solve their business problems and delivering happy, reference-able clients.  Previously, Ed was Nexidia’s, then NICE’s, Director of Consulting for 12 years.