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Cloud-Based Contact Centers: Are You Ready for the Future?

From fundamental telephony to streamlining the customer experience, technical systems are the framework on which the modern contact center is built.

With all the buzz around cloud, are you trying to decide if it's right for your organization? CCIQ recently built a strong case why the cloud is here to stay.

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Today's Organizations are Indeed Moving to the Cloud

Twelve months ago, 80% of organizations primarily housed their contact center technology on premises. That number is down to 58% in the present, and will fall to just 44% in the next twelve months.

New technology is better for business. Companies attribute widespread performance increases to their adaption to new solutions. Download the Cloud Report Now

Nearly 60% of Contact Centers are Using Cloud Technology


76% of businesses say operational effciency increased since adding new technology.


By next year, 60% of businesses will engage customers from multiple sites.


Cloud technology is supported by backup and redundancy protocols. Enjoy near 100% up-time.


Cloud technology is upgraded on the fly. Never run an update overnight on a weekend again.

Calabrio Can Help You Take Your Contact Center to the Cloud

Industry benchmarks indicate that Calabrio customers experience a 57% lower total cost of ownership than with competitive solutions. When it comes to managing a contact center, your customer engagement software is the backbone of your activities.

No other technology investment has a greater influence on the customer experience. Whether your service is cloud-hosted or on-prem, Calabrio saves your organization money, time, and stress down the road.

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